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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work?


work from a private studio in a shop that I share with my husband Shaun who does custom framing and fine art printing. The location is 566 - 568 Goodwood Road, Daw Park.

What imagery will/won't you draw?


In my illustration work I can be quite flexible but am most comfortable drawing natural history subjects. In my tattooing I am currently focusing on botanical themes in full colour, with the inclusion of some animal, bird and insect life. I generally only do tattoos with black and/or grey outlines and fairly realistic rendering as can be seen in my folio. I am open to ideas that fall outside this category too, so by all means ask. I won't tattoo any imagery that is violent or offensive.


How do I make a booking for a tattoo or illustration?


All bookings are arranged via email - please visit my Contact page here to send me an email or sign up for my mailing list to stay up to date.  Some designs can be discussed via email, but most bookings first require a consultation so we can discuss the design and any questions you might have; these can be arranged at my studio, by phone or by Skype. A booking for an illustration or tattoo requires a minimum deposit of $100 which can be paid by cash or direct transfer. In the event that I have drawn your design but you no longer wish to get tattooed the full deposit will be forfeited. 

How much do you charge?


My current rate for illustration is $100 an hour. This is charged for 'pencil-to-paper' time only and includes additional hours spent on research and sourcing reference pictures etc. I am happy to offer a fixed quote in advance on most illustration jobs based on estimated hours required.

My current rate for tattooing is $200 an hour for ongoing work, or I have the option of a full day booking (up to 6 hours tattooing) that is capped at $1000. A quote will be given for smaller pieces to be finished in a single sit, rather than the hourly rate. Payment for the hours tattooed needs to be made on the day; there are several ATMs nearby if you need them, or you can pay by direct bank transfer.


Can I see my tattoo design before the day of my appointment?


For very large and complex designs I am usually happy to provide a sketch or mockup before the appointment, but sometimes this isn't possible. Some tattoo designs are sketched in full while others are collaged together from smaller drawings, and often parts are modified and free-handed in pen on the day to fit the body better, so a completed sketch isn't always available for you to look at. Let me know if seeing the design in advance is important to you and we can discuss your options. 




Fine art prints of my work and others:





botanical illustrator






I make botanical and natural history themed tattoos, illustrations and fine art from Artemisia, my private appointment-only studio in Daw Park, Adelaide SA. 

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