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Pine Cones

I adore pinecones. I was teased by someone who visited my house while I was packing to move back here from Melbourne and saw that I had a moving box labelled "pine cones". Doesn't everyone have one of those? I was gifted a bunch of them by a very sweet client whose dad had a pine tree in his yard, and now I'm lucky enough to live near a few different trees so I will always have a ready supply.

These were ones I collected off the sidewalk so they're still nice and brown, and yes they were also sticky with delicious-smelling sap. I'm thinking I'll probably use a few to decorate the Christmas tree as well as a wreath I've been working on which is made of local foraged plant materials.

More on that later- for now, enjoy these beautiful cones.

I capture these photographs on a blank wall in my laundry with my iphone. Please feel free to use them for your art reference or stock photography needs.

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