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Tripods My Son Has Drawn

My 8 year-old son is obsessed with War of the Worlds. He has been obsessed with it from about the age of 4 when he first saw images of tripods, which from memory we showed him because he had previously been besotted with the AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back (which are of course also giant walking robot tanks). He hadn't seen the film at the time, but had found an old collectable toy of his father's and it had become his favourite plaything.

Something about War of the Worlds has just captured his imagination in a way that keeps him endlessly engaged. He has seen all the films now including an animated film from Korea, and he owns the original H.G. Wells book which he often reads (but probably struggles with). I have folders overflowing with drawings of tripods and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Here are some of his latest pieces, which are usually ripped carelessly from scrap books or scrunched up in his school bag. I do sometimes wonder what his teacher thinks.

Amusingly his ever-doting younger sister, who can normally be found drawing pictures of Pinky Pie and Rainbow Dash, has started painting tripods at kindy too. Her teacher must be even more confused than her brother's.

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