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I have been tattooing professionally since 2005 and making art for as long as I can remember. Apprenticing with Shep in my hometown of Adelaide, I relocated to Melbourne in 2009, and that same year I started taking botanical illustration classes with the wonderful Mali Moir which had a strong influence on my tattooing. For my first six years in Melbourne I was fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of Australia's most talented artists, including the American Traditional work offered at Chapel Tattoo and the more illustrative large-scale and Japanese work offered at Tama Tattoo. After starting a family in 2014 I established my own private studio, Artemisia Custom Tattooing, near my home in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.

In late 2021 I relocated from Melbourne back to Adelaide with my family and re-established Artemisia in a shop that I share with my husband's business, Shaun C. Duncan Custom Framing and Fine Art Printing, located in Daw Park. 


Aesthetically my work is inspired by natural history illustrations, Baroque still lifes, Tibetan thangka paintings and 19th Century book illustrations as well as more traditional tattoo imagery. Thematically I am drawn to all motifs from nature, but particularly plants, and particularly those with herbal, medicinal or magical properties. I also love imagery of a religious, folkloric or mythological nature and am particularly fond of Buddhist themes, Christian art and European fairytales. I love collaborating with clients and utilising their unique interests and perspectives to create personally meaningful artworks. In the future I hope to extend my art practise  by pursuing textile design and book illustration as well as commissioned botanical, still life and religious paintings.

Shaun and I have three gorgeous children Miles, Audrey and Lester, and we also run our work-in-progress business Lepus Luna, producing limited edition fine art prints of work by myself and other contemporary artists, as well as classic artworks in the public domain. You can learn more about me and my art in some of the interviews on my media page.

Fine art prints of my work and others:





botanical illustrator







I make natural history themed tattoos at Artemisia Custom Tattooing, my private appointment-only studio in Adelaide SA. I also accept commissions for paintings and illustrations.

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