Tattoo booking enquiries:

Due to the inefficiency of managing a long waiting list, I will now only open my books periodically. Emails will be sent out to my new tattoo client mailing list when upcoming appointments become available, and you will have the opportunity to get in touch with your idea during a specific window of time.

I can't guarantee everyone a place, but I will absolutely do my best to accommodate everyone who responds. Currently the wait is shorter than usual due to my recent relocation to South Australia, but usually is around 12 months or so.

Please enter your email address in the field below to join the list.  You are not obliged to respond to invitations, and can stay on the list as long as you like regardless of whether you get tattooed or not.

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

Fine art prints of my work and others:

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For all other enquiries: please use the contact form here.





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