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Cherry Tomatoes From My Garden

This year I tried my hand at growing tomatoes for the first time, being in a warmer climate and having a sunnier back yard than I did in Melbourne. I can't remember the exact variety I planted now, as the small children who live with me ensure there are never tags on my seedlings for long, but they were an organic, open-pollinated cherry tomato from my favourite seed store, The Seed Collection. While for the purposes of this blog I am highlighting the delightful aesthetics of this humble plant, I can also confirm that the fruit was absolutely delicious. I have some textile designs in mind for tomatoes and other kitchen garden plants, which hopefully I can find time to create eventually - I can picture them on aprons and teatowels and oven mitts. Now to find a way to capture that amazing tomato foliage smell...

I capture these photos with my iphone on a blank wall in my laundry. Please feel free to use them for your art reference or stock photography needs.

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