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Cat Bus Paintings By My Daughter

My children all adore the Hayao Miyazaki film My Neighbour Totoro, and with good reason. I remember my husband telling me that the first time they watched it they were all completely riveted from start to finish, and the next time I had an evening free after work the kids were absolutely adamant I had to watch it with them. I became smitten also, and I was so pleased to have found a quality film (and since many other Miyazaki films) that could engage our 2 year old as readily as our 8 year old - and their 4 year old sister who is the subject of this post.

I wouldn't say it is my daughter's favourite film, but the hilarious cat bus it features seems to make a fun subject for her paintings. In most of these she has painted Totoro inside the bus, but in one ambitious composition she has painted the bus up in the tree outside the hospital, with Satsuki and Mei down on the ground.

If you haven't seen this film already I highly recommend that you do - it's as wholesome as wholesome gets.

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